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Residents of the area for over half-century, the Van Wormer family has been actively involved in all aspects of growth in the East Cape. The East Cape is like no other location in the world, linking the magical Baja desert with the unique Sea of Cortez. Called “The World’s Aquarium” by Jacques Cousteau, the Sea’s fishing and diving initially attracted people from all over the world. Bobby Van Wormer Sr. made his first dive/fishing trip in the winter of 1956 and hasn’t looked back.

Since the fifties, the Van Wormers have developed three eco/fishing hotels on the East Cape (www.vanwormerresorts.com). Additionally, the family is active in projects involving community projects and causes along with programs for church members and school children. We learned long ago that our paradise is constantly in a delicate balance and any change—positive or negative—will set off ripples across the Baja peninsula and, ultimately, the world. So, eco-tourism and full participation in our community are highly valued by the family, its staff and employees.

We have been promoting catch and release for the last 42 years, with great results. Fishing is in our blood, and will continue to keep our interest, but what we are seeing now is an enormous amount of interest in owning a piece of our paradise by families from all over. The climate, tranquility, security, natural beauty, and sense of adventure are drawing more people down here than ever before.

Robert and Rosa Maria “Cha Cha” Van Wormer
Patriarchs and founders of Van Wormer Resorts, we would need a separate webpage to elaborate on their contributions to the people, the environment, and the future of The East Cape. They are actively involved in their businesses on a daily basis. In particular, this is much more than a business to Dona Rosa as her family roots go back to the 19th century when Los Barriles was a settlement of just five ranches!

Robert Van Wormer Sr. passed away December 7, 2010. It has been a difficult adjustment to all of us who remember his presence, and he will be missed greatly. He was a true pioneer of Baja California Sur and was personally responsible for a large part of the area’s growth. He was surrounded by friends and family, always and forever. His vision for the enjoyment and preservation of this area will be carried on through the work of his wife and sons

Charles (Chucky) Van Wormer
Chucky has been active in all aspects of Van Wormer Resorts development. With a background in business and hotel management, he has been dedicated to careful expansion and hands-on operation of the hotels. For nearly 20 years, he has made the Los Barriles fishing season active not only with new visitors, but with internationally recognized tournaments as well. He is constantly looking to the future to accommodate the surge in interest while at the same time maintaining basic integrity and magic of the East Cape.

Robert (Bobby) Van Wormer Jr
Bobby has been instrumental in fishing as well as hotel operations. He served as Baja California Sur Tourism Director from 1999-2002 and was BCS congressman 2004-2006. He actively promotes The East Cape, its environmental protection as well as development, in other parts of Mexico and around the world.

Edward (Eddie) Van Wormer
Eddie manages the daily operation and growth of Hotel Punta Colorada. With nearly two miles of coastline, Punta Colorada is truly a fisherman’s resort and Eddie has been active in attracting those who appreciate its stunning beauty and diverse species. Having been there for more than 20 years, he is also spending much of his time monitoring development in the area.

Peter Townsend Jr
Peter has been developing property in Baja California Sur for 19 years. Originally, from Laguna Beach, California, he has been a fulltime resident of the East Cape since 2005, and has worked with the Van Wormer family since his arrival. From San Jose del Cabo to Todos Santos to The East Cape, he has developed a strong reputation in property sales and development while at the same time keeping an eye on the environmental impact of the area’s growth. Former Sales Director of our Villas de Cortez project and General Manager of Hotel Rancho Buena Vista, he now serves as President of Van Wormer Real Estate and Development.

Cha Cha and Robert Van Wormer

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