What’s New

Having had a presence here in the East Cape for more than 50 years, we know when there’s a good buying opportunity. Consequently, we’ve had hundreds of friends over the years who have decided to own a piece of this paradise, for themselves and future generations. With the recent surge in interest, we have created a formal group to address these needs and are pleased to announce the formation of Van Wormer Real Estate and Develpoment.

Our central office will be located in the heart of Palmas de Cortez Hotel, here in Los Barriles. With mention of our new office, we have been approached by dozens of property owners and are excited about the future. We have a couple a BIG projects in early development and will be assisting in all aspects property ownership: title searches, legal aid, permits of all types (environmental/state/federal), home/boat/car + emergency medical insurance, architect renderings, construction, as well as interest in properties throughout Baja California Sur.

Do you prefer the security of a condominium adjacent to one of our hotels, or are you looking for a piece of land to develop later on? Do you like listening to the sounds of the ocean or the comfort and solace of a garden hacienda? Just let us know and we’ll find whats right for you.

We’ll be updating this section regularly to keep everyone apprised on new developments in the area. Currently we have been overwhelmed with interest from our initial opening of the company. Thank you to all who have responded/contacted us thus far.

Until your next trip down here along the beautiful Sea of Cortez, take care.

The Van Wormer Family